Hurricane Season – Reducing the Potential for Wind & Water Damage

With the recent arrival of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, those who sustained property damage are working diligently to get property repairs completed. Disasters of this magnitude unfortunately mean that repair work will be a long and slow process. Just the processes of preparing to evacuate and then beginning the work after returning home are exhausting.

We as home and business owners are always hoping we’ve done enough to protect our homes and businesses from the hazards of high winds and rising water.  This is especially true if you live in a coastal area or flood zone.

Three important steps can mitigate the damage of high winds and rising water.

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Non-Wind Load Garage Door

Wind Loaded Garage Doors – Wind Loaded garage doors are a very effective way of increasing the strength of a garage door so that it won’t be blown in or out of the opening. Instead of purchasing a new door, have your existing door reinforced if it is in good enough condition to do so.





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Storm Shutter

Storm Shutters – Storm shutters are an excellent way to protect your home from broken glass and flying debris. Several types of shutters are available, including shutters that pull down over your windows in the manner of a rolling door. Once installed, you simply lower them when needed.  Another option is a fabric shield barrier—a highly-effective alternative to steel or aluminum hurricane panels. Imagine the time you will save in purchasing and installing plywood panels over openings. We all know time is a premium when preparing for a large storm.


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Flood Vents – Flood vents are another option that will allow rising water to flow through the crawl space or garage in your home. Smart Vents are the most advanced flood protection on the market. The SmartVent is installed right into your wall or garage door panel. It stays latched or closed until flood water enters your garage or crawlspaces. The rising water will then lift the internal floats and open the vent. Before the water buildup destroys your walls and foundation, the SmartVent opens, releasing the water. In fact, just one opening gives a home five times the protection. FEMA lists SmartVents among their best practices for dealing with rising water. As an added bonus, if you live in a flood zone, many states will give savings on flood insurance to those who install SmartVents.

For a business, the same solutions apply. Commercial windload doors, both rolling and sectional, can be installed in openings, and storm shutters can be installed over large windows. Smart Vents are also an option as a commercial property application for rising water.

All of these recommendations are items we hope you will never need. After our communities have evacuated twice in the last year for hurricanes, and gone through the long process of boarding up and unboarding upon return, the last thing we want to do is go through it again.

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