Garage Maintenance in the Fall that Will Save You Headaches in the Winter

Garage Maintenance in the Fall that Will Save You Headaches in the Winter

With cold weather approaching, fall is the perfect time to discuss an important subject – garage door maintenance. Preparing for inclement weather and freezing temperatures is just as important for the garage and garage door operating system as it is for the rest of the home. Taking preventative steps now before problems arise, and while the weather is still tolerable, can save you time, money and the headache of larger issues down the road.

Below are three maintenance tips for prepping your garage this fall.

Fall Weather

1. Organize

  • Clear out and organize the contents of the garage. This is an excellent time to check for concrete damage, mold or any other issues.
  • Remove any summertime items that are no longer in use, as well as anything that could be damaged by cold or freezing temperatures.
  • Empty unused fuel from gas-powered equipment stored in the garage.
  • Make necessary winter items like snow shovels and blowers more easily accessible.

2. Insulate

  • Cover or insulate any exposed pipes in the garage to protect them from bursting during cold or below-freezing temperatures.
  • Check the seals and weather stripping around your garage door to help keep cold air out of the garage and prevent water and moisture from entering. Over time, bad weather stripping can also lead to mold, rot or insect infestation.
  • Consider investing in an insulated garage door. Insulated doors can help improve the thermal efficiency of your garage space and block unwanted street noise from entering living areas that adjoin the garage. Not only that, insulated doors are quieter and stronger than their non-insulated counterparts.

3. Take Precautionary Action

  • Inspect the operating system for bent or loose hinges, along with broken wheels or worn-out bearings. These should be serviced by a professional.
  • Wash the garage door. This not only keeps it looking great, but it also increases its lifespan by removing dirt and debris that can affect operation.

By taking a few proactive steps this fall, you will be prepared for whatever winter brings. If you do need a professional to service your garage door or operating system, contact Overhead Door Company of Brunswick or Overhead Door Company of Waycross today.

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