Six Easy Steps to Winterize Your Garage Door In The Coastal South

Winter In Coastal GA

Winter arrives soon, and even though the season comes and goes quickly in coastal Georgia, it is important to inspect and winterize your garage door before you find yourself faced with any unpleasant surprises. The whole process to winterize takes only about 30 minutes using items you already have around the house or garage.

1. Check the Battery in Your Remote Control 

Depending on how many times a day you use your garage door, the normally flat round battery inside your remote control can last up to 12 months.  But our suggestion? Always keep a spare one on hand or drop by one of our offices for a free one!

2. Check the Battery in the External Keypad

This 9-volt battery is located underneath the keypad cover. You may need a Phillips screwdriver to open the compartment. Since this battery is subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, you should change it yearly.

3. Check the Springs on Your Garage Door

To do this, disable your garage door opener by pulling the emergency cord. Open the garage door gently using one hand. Were you able to do it easily?

If it’s hard to open, there are several possible causes. Don’t attempt to fix it by yourself! Contact a certified garage door system technician who will identify the cause of the problem and repair it on-site. Never try to change a broken spring yourself as it is very hazardous.

4. Check the Weather-Stripping

Is the weather-stripping, also called perimeter seal, on the outer door frame working correctly without being smashed tightly against the door? If there is any damage or any hardening caused by the sun, take the time to replace it. If it’s made of PVC, apply a silicone-based lubricant.

Also, take a look at the weather-stripping at the bottom of the door. Is it worn or damaged? You can change this weather-stripping yourself or have a professional complete the job.

5. Lubricate the Metal Parts of Your Hardware

To winterize inside your garage, lubricate all the metallic parts: rollers, tracks and springs.

  • Before applying, use a dry cloth to remove any remaining lubricant from years past, and most importantly, any accumulated dust.
  • Use an oil-based lubricant (e.g., 10W-30 motor oil).
  • Apply sparingly, wiping up the excess with a rag.
  • Do not use lubricants such as WD-40, as these are actually degreasers, rather than lubricants.
  • Do not use grease, especially on the tracks. The rollers should roll, rather than slide inside the track.

6. Check Your Garage Door’s Automatic Reversal Systems

There are two different methods—one mechanical and one photoelectric:

  • Mechanical: Place a two-by-four on the threshold of your garage door. Press the button to close the door. When it contacts the piece of wood, the door should detect the resistance, stop and then go back up. If it doesn’t, consult the door opener maintenance manual to find the location of the button for making the necessary adjustments.
  • Photoelectric: If you have this type of safety system in place (2 encased units about 4” off the ground), just stick your foot in front of the beam while the door is closing. If the door doesn’t stop and then reverse, the most common cause of the problem is that the two units are misaligned. Check and correct the alignment and then try again. If it still doesn’t work, contact a certified door professional immediately.

So, that’s it! We hope these few little tips help you winterize and avoid some big problems later.

Keep in mind that it is recommended by the International Door Association and DASMA (Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association) that your garage door system be serviced at least annually. Think about it: Your garage door is the largest moving mechanical part in your home and must be maintained properly.

If you don’t have the time or aren’t the DIY type, contact Overhead Door Company of Brunswick at 912-265-3355, or visit our website at We will be glad to service your door system and can set you up on our annual planned maintenance schedule.


11 Tips to Improve Garage Door Security

Posted by Susan Walker on Mon, Aug 26, 2013 @ 01:37 PM

Many of us keep the garage door remote on the car visor for easy access, but if you’re not locking up at night, it can also give would be criminals easy access. Once they have your remote, they’re in the garage and possibly even your home if it’s attached. Be proactive. Arm yourself with some pretty cool technology from the Overhead Door Company of Brunswick.

If your existing garage door opener was made before 1999, we highly recommend an upgrade to a newer model. Older units have been discontinued by most manufacturers making parts expensive & difficult to find. Today our motors come standard with safety features like rolling code technology. With every press of the button on your remote control, a new code is selected from billions of combinations preventing others from copying and using your frequency. New openers such as the Legacy, Odyssey, & Destiny also come with wall stations that have a “Vacation Switch” lock that disables all remote access when activated, protecting your home even when you’re away. We also offer the Door Report remote; created to answer the
nagging question, “did I remember to close the garage door?” this unit beeps
& lights up when the door is open for any reason.

If a new motor doesn’t fit into your budget right now, you can still help protect your family with these simple steps:

When leaving the car in your driveway or a parking lot, make sure it’s locked. Set the alarm if you have one.

Don’t leave your garage door remote out in the open. If you keep remotes in your car at night, put them in the glove compartment or center console to make them less visible to passersby.

If your garage is attached to your home, lock all
interior doors leading into the house.

Never leave your keys in the car even if it’s parked in the garage.

Don’t forget the garage door when you’re locking up at night. Most overhead doors have a locking mechanism. A simple interior slide lock or exterior keyed lock can be purchased through a local garage door service provider.

When leaving for extended periods of time, always remember to lock the garage door & set the vacation lock switch on your wall station. You could also unplug the garage door opener.

Never leave your garage door open when you’re not around. This gives everyone visual access to anything valuable that might be stored inside.

When buying a new garage door, consider a solid door without windows. If you prefer having daylight in the garage, ask for the windows to be installed in the top section to make the inside less visible. You can also frost your existing windows.

Never give out the security code to your exterior
wireless keypad. If you do have to share it with someone, such as a service provider, be sure to clear out the old code & reprogram the keypad with a new one.

Illuminate the exterior of your garage with a spotlight or motion sensing light.

Invest in an alarm system for the garage.

Let us assist you with the safety and security of your home –

Call Overhead Door Company of Brunswick at